"My cat sprayed my living room furniture.

I thought it was ruined. A-1 Janitorial Supply

provided great equipment and cleaning supplies.

The stains and odors are gone and my couch

looks like new again.  Thanks Frank & Steve."

                                Karen Feathers - Roseville


"If you're the type of homeowner who likes to "do it yourself," you might choose to clean your own carpets and upholstery with either a heavy-duty vacuum or portable cleaning unit. The problem is these options may not have the power necessary to remove deeply imbedded soil, dust and bacteria. Furthermore, portable units that use water may not achieve the exact temperature needed to properly care for your carpets and upholstery. Boy was I wrong The best alternative is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company oh God kiss that budget good buy. or call A-1 Janitorial supply for better solution speak with frank that guy took the time to talk to me and not only that showed me how to use that machine on his own carpet. God bless you frank and me and my family thank you."

                                                   Steve - Roseville.